Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Alumbra Films
Written and Directed
Carlos Berrios

“Let The Music Play”
(The Rise And Fall of Freestyle Music)

The New York music scene of the 1980’s gave birth to a sound that shot up like fireworks in the night sky and just as quickly fizzled away. A powerfully gripping tale of the hopes and dreams of young Latino talent and the nightmares that brought it all to an end.

Executive Producer: Franc. Reyes

*Production begins summer 2009

Sunday, March 22, 2009

Independent Investment Group joins forces with Franc Reyes' Alumbra Films

An independent investment group and Alumbra Films Inc have joined forces to produce American Latino English language theatrical motion pictures.

Alumbra Films is a production company formed by writer, director, producer and songwriter Franc. Reyes, (Empire, Illegal Tender, The Ministers).

“The American Latino culture is a vast ocean of ideas and experiences that hasn’t been touched upon in any real sense by the Hollywood community” says Franc. Reyes. He continues, “Like the African American explosion in independent feature films in the 80’s and 90’s which spawned filmmakers like Spike Lee, John Singleton, Robert Townsend and cleared the way for filmmakers like Tyler Perry, I believe now is the time of the American Latino filmmaker.”

The first three films to be developed by this new alliance are:

Tenement - a supernatural horror written and to be directed by Franc. Reyes. “If I had to point to one film that had the full impact of story, writing and genius directing, on me it has to be The Exorcist. Telling the story of Tenement fuses The Exorcist, Amityville Horror and Rosemary’s baby”, says Reyes.

Brutality - written by Franc. Reyes and to be directed by Carlos Berrios. It will be Mr. Berrios’ first feature film. A long time friend and collaborator of Franc.’s , and writer/director of many short films and music videos.

“ Brutality is an important story Franc. and I have spoken about making
for years. The psychological brutality that happens to people who live in neighborhoods like the ones we grew up in when police brutality occurs has never been put in quite this way”, says Berrios.

Blood Of The Martyr - written by Franc. Reyes and will be directed by Francisco Ordonez. Writer/director of many short films including, the critically acclaimed short film, “St.Paul”.

“After reading a few of Franc’s screenplays, Blood Of The Martyr was the one that peeked my curiosity. It’s a complex yet very commercial music driven story. Perfect for my sensibilities and tailor made for the way I like to tell stories”, says Ordonez.

One of many goals for Alumbra Films is to help American Latino filmmakers create the Latino Hollywood stars of the future.